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My name is Alice Sweeting. I graduated with my PhD from Victoria University in August 2017, having worked with the Australian Institute of Sport and Netball Australia. My doctoral thesis investigated the validity and application of radio-frequency sensors to quantify the match movement profiles of elite and junior-elite female netball athletes. Publications arising directly from my PhD include the development of an athlete movement sequencing technique and a review of the analysis of athlete activity-profile.

I am currently a Research Fellow based at Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia. In this role, I am embedded at the Western Bulldogs Football Club who play in the Australian Football League (AFL). My role involves directly supervising undergraduate, Honours and PhD students, undertaking performance analysis work for the coaching staff on match day and working with the Physical Performance/ Medical to help prepare athletes for the daily training environment.

Data mining is a big component of my PhD thesis, part of my current role and predominantly the reason for my blog! I was introduced to #RStats by one of my very patient PhD supervisors. Learning how to code in R, create figures for visualising spatiotemporal data and publications via ggplot2 plus understand the mechanisms of data mining was daunting at first. I also discovered that limited content existed on sport physiology and analytics, within R documentation or packages.

Therefore, the purpose of this blog is to highlight the capabilities of R as a data visualisation, analytical and exploratory tool for sport science. I will showcase this using code that can be recycled for use in your own physiology work or analysis on athletic performance. Please contact me if you have any examples, questions or uncover errors. Click here if you wish to follow my journey on Twitter.

Happy coding!